Your hatreds are your limitation

Your hatreds are your limitation.
Those are the areas you are disconnected from god.
If you have connected god to yourself, you have self-love.
If you have connected god to others, you have other-love.
They are 2 dimensions.

Others hate you, when you do not recognize them as god.
It is as if, say, you split yourself into 5 parts, and play 5 roles in the theater stage, as father, mother, child, dog, neighbor.
If the father hates the neighbor in the stage drama, then he has forgotten the true nature of things, that it is his same eyes looking out through the neighbor part.

Everyone and everything is a master, is a doorway to god, if you are that receptive.
Look really deeply into anyone and anything, and you see your own eyes looking back at you.
But generally, we have only certain forms we more readily connect god with, like angels, the great gurus/saviors, saints, and so on.
Endeavor to see god in every form, to reclaim all of your disconnected lost parts, lost potentials, and lost relationships.

The intention of my blog posts

How many faces can you see in this picture?


Each face represents a certain way of seeing, isn’t it?
My blog posts are something like that.
They are cues/pointers/symbols for various forms of seeing, perspectives, heights of perception, and various intelligences.
The intention of my blog posts is to “awaken perspectives” and “meta-cognition”.
As the title of my blog suggests, I myself am journeying to the abstract.
So, it is like, as I ascend to the sky like a hot-air balloon, I contemplate and reflect on what I see, and take various snapshots of different views and share it here as a kind of art.
My posts are not absolutes but are more like art pieces/snapshots from various heights of perception.
Though my posts can, at times, appear to be all around the place, in the larger sense, they mirror my own journey and evolution.
So I expect that the posts may get more ethereal with time.
But I never know.

The posts are not intended to replace your current point of view, rather, they are various forms of art/seeing/exercises that I share, to awaken/clarify/enrich that level of your own intelligence/height of perception.
Like how one learns addition in math, not by by-hearting 2+2=4, 4+4=8 etc., but by solving various kinds of addition problem exercises.
Similarly, all of my posts are “perspective art forms” of truths I share from my own level of vision/perception, and they are meant to awaken your own intelligence at various levels.
For people who are already awake to these perspectives, it is still a joy to share all of this with them as a form of play.
And every time someone reads and benefits from my content, it gives me encouragement to continue this work.

God is ‘consciousness’

The plato’s world of forms are the forms of essences.
They are all present in different degrees in different people.
Everyone is innocent and unfolding their karmic potential and destiny.
They are actually god(field) playing and living as those various forms.
All forms are god and this is seen when the form dissolves.
All the people you ever met, and all of this physical world, is nothing but god’s form.
When somebody dies what happens? What is left is ashes and memories.
The person that was thought to be real, was all a play of form and it vanishes into the formless, is sucked back into the ocean of the unmanifest and the ashes return to earth.
Everything ultimately lives on inside you until you understand the truth.
There is only god, all else is an appearance.

God is the field, the infinite potential field, that MANIFESTS like THIS.
Everything that appears in this field of consciousness is god.
Everyone is a symptom of the ONE, the props of the play of the ONE.
The afraid contracting self in a world of hostile others is also the illusion and play.
Only the play is real, no character really exists, and even I do not exist.
And even the play isn’t real, only the field is real.
The field of the unmanifest, i.e. of infinite unborn potential.
All form is birthed in this field, and death is when the form returns to the field.
But the objects are no more real, than images on your computer screen.
Only the screen is real.
(consciousness is the only real entity – god is consciousness – there are no OBJECTS independent of your consciousness – all objects are made of consciousness itself – no object IS conscious or independent of your consciousness, rather, all objects ARE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS)

Neither is the movie real (experience is not real)
Neither are the characters in the movie real (people and other creatures are not real)
Neither are the situations in the movie real
[The infinite unborn unmanifest potential + current appearance/manifest] = THAT SUBSTANCE -> IS GOD/Ultimate

Gross/Subtle Forms/Forces

Technically one never destroys life, one only destroys forms and form potentials.
Similarly, one never creates life, one only nurtures forms and form potentials.
What cannot be destroyed or created are the unborn/unformed potentials themselves. Life is this unborn potentiality itself.
What I truly am in my purest/distilled/untangled form is this “infinite unborn potential” manifesting in/as/across the entire field as a shimmering of possibilities.

But in the case of forms, it is very easy to destroy a form.
If 2 digital cameras say meet each other (haha), they might click pictures of each other in their different modes and quality settings.
Whereas, say a hammer were to meet a digital camera, in its nature, it would hit/smash and the form of the digital camera would instantly lose its structure/function/integrity.
The hammer however can continue to stay in its nature happily and still retain its function.
The subtler camera structure has however lost its form integrity and functionality.

So this gives me the impression that, subtler forms are inherently more beautiful and rich but also much more fragile.
The subtler the form, the more fragile/vulnerable it is.
Fear is the protective mechanism, when a subtler form is in the presence of a lot of gross forces, because as in the example I demonstrated, the grosser forces would destroy this rich subtle form.

But what about forces? The tables turn here.
The subtle forces are much more powerful than gross forces.
For instance, the force of a rock can do nothing to the air, but the force of air can wear the rock away and still stay unaffected.
Like how the asteroids are vaporized by the time they reach the surface of the earth due to their friction with air.

Good/evil and delusion, are connected to the force and not the forms.
The forms are maintained or adopted by the forces, to carry out their function.
The force uses forms.
When the force attaches and identifies itself with a specific form, it identifies with the form instead of itself and gets limited to maintaining/protecting/improving the form – creating what we call ego.
Enlightenment is to shift identification from the form to the force which frees up the force.
And probably, there is an identification possible that even transcends force.

Freedom for the force is – non-attachment and non-identification with forms.
And freedom from both the form and force is to stay/identify with and as awareness.