The seduction of social media images

Pictures are extremely limited information.
They are all porn and seductions.
They are all “A PART disguising itself as the WHOLE”.
The wholes/actuals/depths are millions of times vaster.
That is why, social media: facebook, tinder, twitter, linked in, blogs, instagram -> nothing really shows more than 0.01%.
It is all an alluring bait.
A carefully created MASK, to HIDE from and substitute for the whole ocean of the truth.
Taking the best parts(tapping the collective human fantasy coming from the collective shame, insecurities and illusions) and further heavenly-fying it [super enhanced 0.01%].
It is marketing, advertising, deception, masking, and it is conveying a specific message.
What is the picture that everyone is attempting to convey?
To advertise that their life is great, that they are secure, they know their shit, that they are sought-after, significant, popular, loved, admirable and worthy?
And people try to die into these socially created images, and lose themselves into it.
So that, this can serve as a perfect antidote/mask for all their shame and insecurities.
The origin of this is SHAME, both individual and collective.
I see it as a form of escapism and narcissism, all narcissism is after all rooted in the shame (the same root).
To narrow oneself into what is celebrated and acceptable, and disown all the other parts of oneself, and make-believe that image is all one is, and invest one’s whole life into this extraordinary limitation.

What are we really responsible for?


On Facebook, nowadays I see a bunch of posts that show an emotion provoking video of some injustice done, and then people would be reacting to that with either anger, crying, or sadness emoticons. Like there was a video of male chicks being got rid of because they were not useful by allowing them to drown in water. I mean I did feel quite sad seeing that graphic video. But the recommendation and strong messages were: Every-time you eat meat, this is what you are condoning.

So I thought through that more deeply.
My every action enables every kind of abuse too, like every product in the supermarket contains the labor of the whole universe that went into making that.
The degree and proximity varies, but you know, I could have this reasoning for everything, like I could say the clothes you are wearing is from the exploitation of workers in Bangladesh and then show a really sad video about their toil and thereby recommend that you stop wearing clothes?
If that is true for every single thing, then not taking the action of eating chicken isn’t helping anything in the larger picture, right?
A reactionary action like that is not coming from a seeing of the whole.
This is the same issues with SJWs too. That just looks like tribalism to me.

I could do a DNA test on you, and then prove you are a descendant of Genghis Khan and thereby declare that you have his blood and sins on your hands.
Isn’t that same reasoning also applied for Jesus? That his blood is on your hands?
Where does this end?
What are we really responsible for?
Taking this thought all the way, I am responsible for every single evil and injustice and enabling that in some way.
This can always be proved by some intelligent person, who picks up a theme and ties the thread of connection so that it lands on your lap.
It is like the butterfly effect principle, and if all the connections are shown to someone, they would be bewildered by the responsibility that is revealed.
“Wholeness is a kind of attitude” – said by David Bohm, and I really agree with him on that, and that it is actions taken from that attitude that would really help.