What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the architecture of the machine/system/play of existence.
It is the grand blueprint.
Wisdom IS, and does not change.
Knowledge on the other hand keeps evolving.
Wisdom is true understanding.
All essences are present in the play of existence.
Only their degree varies.
An analogy would be – a spectrum analyzer.


All the 16 channels are present and are available as potentials for the music system.
One can independently understand what these 16 channels are.
That would be wisdom.
Then the music plays the essences of these 16 channels, like the strings of a harp, to varying degrees.

Essence vs. Degree

All essences are NOW.
Time is only the play of ‘degrees of essence’.
For instance, the essence of light is always present.
And the essence of mystery/change is always present.
It is only the degree that varies in time.

For instance, day and night represent different degrees of light.
But light is always there.
Similarly change/mystery/surprise is always there, but its degree varies a lot in time.
For instance, if you go to a tightly packed vacation, say to a new country, there would be a lot more change/mystery, whereas, an ordinary day would contain a much lesser degree of mystery/surprise.

Opposites are not different things, they are different degrees of the same thing.
So all essences are present now.
This is what makes reincarnation irrelevant, which simply represents a much greater degree of change.

Interdependence Insight

What makes a thing beautiful is the relativity around it.
It is all total interdependence.
For example, the girl who looks beautiful in the beach, has to thank:
– the people who made her swimwear,
– the swimwear cloth material existence itself
– the beach (for being a desirable place for people, and which puts them in the mood capable to such body admiration)
– the beach for being a socially accepted place to celebrate the body,
– thank the culture that permits that,
– thank the sunlight for shining on her,
– thank the “eyes of others” that allow them to perceive her at all
– her mom dad for telling her that she is beautiful,
– all the food that has gone into building her body,
– thank the gym space and equipment for giving her the tools for shaping the body
– all the other people who project ‘beauty’ on her and validate it (both historically and currently present in the beach)
– Her own genes, lineage
– Caste/Creed/Race, Health, Nationality, other such status symbols
– All the microorganisms in her body allowing her to stay like that
– She would have to thank her entire history, which is connected to everyone else’s history too.
And so on…
Its total interdependence.
Finally she has to thank her own consciousness for being alive to even be aware of all of this and to witness all that came together in creating the feeling of being beautiful.
Each and every object exists interdependently with all the other objects
Like the Indra’s web dew drop reflections.
Every essence is dependent on every other essence.
No essence stands alone.
It is the “relationship between all the essences/reflections” and interdependent relationships that allow the existence of the object essence itself.
Everything needs everything else.
No thing stands by itself.
All things stand because of the existence of all other things.

Like take the diamond in a velvet box –
the diamond has to thank all the lights around it,
the velvet box which contrasts it well,
the perceiver/observer of its beauty,
and its qualities come out with the movement of the observer, so it should also thank the observer’s movement.
(The diamond’s brilliance is omni-directional, however its qualities of FIRE and SPARKLE are visible only if the observer moves relative to the diamond)
Also the diamond has to thank all the other stones for not having these qualities such as sparkle, brilliance and fire.
The diamond’s specialness/uniqueness/value should give thanks to all the other non-quality possessing stones.
The diamond must also thank the observer’s consciousness which observes all of these qualities and admires it.
Everything is interdependent.
Similarly self-other, self-world, self-situation all go together too.
It is all the situations/others in your life that bring out your mysterious qualities.
You are what you are, because the universe it what it is, they both go together.