On Social dynamics

Let’s take 2 cases:
1. When you are in your own space.
2. When you are in a shared space with others.

When you are in your own space,
Various interests bubble up into your mind,
And the strongest one usually gets your attention/focus/investment/energy.

When you are in a shared group-space with others,
Then the different people are in a relationship with each other.
The following questions come up:
# Who is going to set the frame?
Will there be multiple smaller frames between the people?
Will the frame organically emerge or will it be a chaos?
# Who is naturally receiving? Who is naturally emitting?
# Who is open/malleable? Who is rigid/closed?
# What are the intentions/expectations of the various people around?
# Where are each of these people coming from?
# What is the common larger frame? What are the expectations? cultural structs? societal structs? governing that.
# What can I say, what can I not say?
# What are the set of possible topics I can speak about?
All this can be sensed.
All of these come under “social dynamics”.
This invariably happens when a group of people get together and create a group space.

Individual and Society

I will be using some Jungian terms here.
Individual = Personal conscious = Individual light.
For this, there is a corresponding: Personal unconscious = Individual shadow.

There is:
Society = Collective conscious = Collective light.
And a corresponding: Collective unconscious = Collective shadow.
Another related aspect is – Collective karma and Personal karma.

Each culture/societal organization operates with a certain gravity.
Like how the gravity of the nucleus of the atom holds together the orbital electrons.

The actors, celebrities, stars, sportsmen, iconic figures, business magnates, politicians, etc. i.e. all of which that are considered, deemed, and celebrated as success, form the nucleus of society.
The regular consumers and citizens of society, go around this nucleus like electrons.
If there is no other powerful gravity center influencing them, then the society gravity controls their desires/emotions/actions, and pulls them towards its nucleus.
That is why, the driving force of most people is to rise the pyramid of status and popularity, to reach the nucleus of society, where instead of them revolving around society, society revolves around them, and they are in the power position.

A quick attempt to create a model of reality

A quick Model/Ontology of reality from my direct experience:
(I have added references to some kabbalah terms, physical universe analogues)

1 – Unmanifest/ONE (Ain Sof) – 7D

#### FORM/MANIFEST/RELATIVE #### (yin yang, double helix dna)(universe)(Worlds of: Briah, Yetzirah, Malkuth)

2. SOUL REALM (Galaxy super cluster)(Kether/Platonic forms realm) – 6.3D
[Larger context = soul family/galaxy cluster] (6.2D specific family of souls)
Heart/Soul/Desire = Specified Soul DNA(galaxy) = Many lives as many beings context (6.1D specific)
Trans-human archetypes/symbology/mythology/hieroglyphs/motifs/artifacts/codes

Human Creature Biological DNA [larger context: creature family] = incarnation context – 5D specific
Human archetypes/symbology/mythology/hieroglyphs/motifs/artifacts/codes

Socio-cultural-civilizational-locational DNA – 4D
Specific cultural context where creature is born – 4D specific

Specific internalization of family/enculturation/societal conditioning/civilization codes – 3D specific

6. PERSONAS [Masks/Presentations] – 2D
Chosen mask – 2d specific

7. The immediate chosen persona interaction possibility space – 1D
The actual interaction option chosen and happening = 1D specific

LIFE as a bell curve

I see LIFE as a bell curve where:
left half = life
right half = death


LIFE is the same as breath in principle.
With an inbreath half-curve, outbreath half-curve, and a peak.
The curve is basically [interest seeking fervor] and then [surrender relaxation letting go].
The cycle of life is like a game.
Initially there is so much interest to become more and more till a peak is reached.
And then from there on it is all about relaxing back just like the out-breath.
The mysterious question to ponder on is, what is it that benefits from the life and death cycle?
It is pondering on what is the “Subject” of this whole experience of LIFE.

The society/culture/beliefs/conditioning etc. are dead corpses from the past we carry and maintain.
How much ‘in line’ are these structures with life determines the degree of suffering.
Like the belief in perennial progress makes one suffer in the out-breath period, because that belief says, you must breath-in forever which becomes suffocating.
Similarly all anti-death beliefs, that we must survive and thrive and fight at all costs, creates a continuous fight in the entire out-breath period.
If you worship the night -> the day is scary/resisted.
If you worship the day -> the night is scary/resisted.
One must worship both the day and night, the in-breath and out-breath, it is their cycle that [fills and empties] OR [uses and renews].
Why do we oppose this natural desire/urge/force to let go? – because we believe we must not, because everyone else shames and fears that?

I see the only way out of this struggle is UNDERSTANDING.
To understand the nature of life from a sincere thorough fresh examination of one’s own experience.
This takes one closer and closer to the subject and frees one from this partial understanding and thereby ends all suffering caused by the wrong view/perspective.
As Buddha rightly said, “ignorance” is the cause of suffering.