Interesting view about how life experiences create desire

Taken from Yahoo answers: – original source: Journey of Souls by M.Newton.

For someone who has encountered hunger, cold, a shortage of amenities or a home, a deep seated fear and a need to protect oneself from the harsh realities of life gives an inordinate emphasis upon what others take for granted. For orphans, mothers are the most cherished and valuable assets in the world, because they grew up without one, for some it may be freedom if they were raised in an oppressive household, or love and someone to care for them should they have suffered neglect and abuse in childhood. Some covet fame and notoriety, or popularity to heighten self esteem, others fool around with anybody and everybody top enhance their own reputations, whilst good folk seek only one kindred soul to spend their life with. Life experiences dictate priorities. Having an important occasion and having nothing suitable to wear or not being able to afford to purchase much needed necessities always places greater weight on the accrual of capital. Depends upon personality type. Some spend and squander money, others remains frugal and money wise all their lives whether rich or poor. Spiritually rich as you seem to be, gives full enjoyment and extracts pleasure from ordinary daily happenings. If you have lots of money I suppose you can to a certain extent be godlike, in that you can have and do most things, perhaps that is what he means, money can give you more freedom and opportunity to experience life fully. But as I have little money I don’t fully understand his point of view.

||This part is more opinionated||
The happiest people you will ever meet have no money. If somebody tells you that life is all about money then you should feel pity for that person. Our current economic system is entering free-fall, and the only way that we’re going to prevent a catastrophe of biblical scale is by changing it. Pity the ones who love money, for they are lost: more-so than they can imagine! Join the people who just want to live, be happy, learn, enjoy life for the gift that it is and then you can feel true pity for those whose lives have been wasted chasing gold. The sooner you realize that you don’t need any of those things that you are told are essential, the sooner your soul will progress. We are here to learn, not to become rich.

The levels of truth with relationships eg.

Its funny, but there are different truths at different levels, all equally true from that corresponding level. In other words, truth can look different depending upon where you stand.

In the figure shown alongside, I’ve shown a kind of analogy.

1. For a person living in the cave, the truth is that he cannot see anything beyond the cave ceiling. This is the truth for him.

2. For a person living in the ground above, the first cloud he sees above him is his ceiling

3. At the next level he sees the cloud above him and so on

4. At the final level you just see infinity all around you which is above all the clouds.

Each jump radically alters your perspective. Its very hard to even conceive what a level above might feel like and what kind of insights may lie there. Its like trying to imagine a 4th dimension.

In relationships,
1. At the first level you think that this person is actually responsible for how your feeling and that object is directly controlling/manipulating you, creating a heaven or hell for you.

2. At the next level, you realize that it is actually the concept of this person that is causing you suffering/pleasure. The concept is more like a projection of what we want them to be, a dream. Since they can never be what you exactly want there is always some amount of suffering. Once you realize that it is the concept that is controlling your emotions and not the person himself, then you see that the next level of reality happens within you. If you can rewire that, the external object will not affect you anymore. So now you see the person and the concept of the person in your mind as 2 entities and you know that the concept is the real thing to be worked with because many other external objects can trigger the same reaction in you. You also realize that it is not just this one person who can bring about these feelings. Any object that satisfies the concept can fulfill you.

3. At the third level, you realize that feelings become emotions only after judging them as pleasant/unpleasant etc. So you separate feelings and emotion and objectively observe all feelings. At this level you can also observe that it is your attachment to certain thoughts that are causing suffering. The real emotions by themselves happening in the moment are like ripples in water. We just multiply their effect using memory.

Different lists of needs/desires

1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
2. 16 desires of life: power, independence, curiosity, acceptance, order, saving, honor, idealism, social contact, family, status, vengeance, romance, eating, physical exercise, and tranquility. Each persons’ desire profile would be unique with the exception of need for acceptance and idealism.
3. Aristotle – concept of highest good (eudaimonia)
4. Chakra system – equivalent to Maslow’s hierarchy in the west

Self consciousness vs Consciousness

Are they the opposite of each other?one the subset of the other? is everything just one thing and we are just conceptualizing it into 2 things?
Do we meditate on ourselves till the point we get so comfortable with ourselves that self consciousness is transformed into expanding consciousness?
Can our single pointed attention solve any problem? Fears, distractions, obsessions etc?

The real meaning of something can be understood from its opposite

Like take the example of music, you truly enjoy it only after a long silence or if you do a totally unrelated task which required your concentration. Thirst is truly felt only when you are deprived of water for long enough with strenuous activity alongside. You start noticing the faintest of lights in a dark room if you stay awake there for more than 10-20mins.

Desire makes you feel incomplete

Before desire originates we are complete and a whole – left figure. Once we see something attractive that we want to possess a sort of sinking hole is created in our chest – ‘right figure’ and makes us feel incomplete and there is a desire to fill this lack up by acquiring the person/item/idea etc.