What is personality?

Very well explained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deC_ROdaJFE&feature=related

Personality – A form of Rigidity. Fixed likes/dislikes/opinions/aspirations etc.

Its just a creation that helps you push your way through physical world. If you want to ascend to higher dimensions, it is necessary to dissolve this personality. Like a burnt clay pot vs a mud pot. The mud pot completely dissolves when put into water while the burnt clay pot continues to remain rigid.

I’ve seen most spiritual practices expose you to this truth and lead you towards dissolving the personality. That is why they are so shocking at first. For e,g.: When I went for the vipassana retreat, I could feel my personality dissolving and I have to admit it was really scary and each time I would compulsively start internal verbal dialogue and bring it back.

Awareness is light

Awareness is Light. Its always burning in full intensity. Its just that we have layers of cloth covering this up. If we remove all the layers, we will see the true source of light which would illuminate everything around within and outside us.

Feeling of triumph

I guess this is most apt picture that conveys the feeling of triumph I had after I realized I had cleared the final interview for “The Internship”.

The feeling after I realized I got over this hurdle was exactly like how a hungry and lonely wanderer who has been searching for people for days would feel when he finally finds a village.

The real purpose of suffering


Suffering forces you to evolve. Most of my motivation for understanding things is from suffering. I see that most people who are happy and having a strong social base, simply don’t want to change because:
1. They are afraid a change would mean losing all their advantages/relationships
2. There is no need for introspection
3. There is no need to evolve their thoughts or move up the ladder of consciousness
4. There is no need to reflect deeply on anything
5. They think that the personality that they have created defines them
6. They cannot empathize because only the person who has suffered the most can empathize most deeply

It is a static state and until something comes along and shakes them up, they would comfortably live in that same state throughout. I can say this because honestly if I fit into society perfectly right from childhood and was fully convinced with all the shared beliefs with whatever logic was given, there would be no reason for me to question anything, change, empathize etc.

The important thing as the article points out, there is a difference between good/bad suffering. If you ask the question: Why should we evolve?Whats the meaning?
The answer would be the fundamental quest of truth and meaning that is derived from direct experience and not other people’s minds. At some point of time it hits you. What is the difference between you, the crow outside and a dog passing by. You believe you are a superior creature with a completely different and richer experience of life and having far more control?
That is the same reason why you need to evolve. The difference pointed out here is like a metaphor for what it means to evolve. Every level of consciousness implies a huge increase in your understanding and control. The exact reasons why you differentiate yourself from other animals.

What would unlimited freedom feel like?

Freedom and attachment are closely linked. If you can renounce everything, you would have the most freedom. But you would have to renounce everything from your personality, preferences, likes/dislikes, even your survival instincts. Complete detachment gives you unlimited choices for any action and maximum freedom.

Its an interesting imagination exercise. What would you do and feel if you had ultimate freedom, with physical invincibility and any power that is imaginable? I think a lucid dream can be a portal for such an experience. I do experience great freedom in them but I think it can be a LOT MORE. In a dream there is no time, there is no space too – you can teleport to any place, nothing is fixed. Things can melt, transform. Even your physical body is just a residual body image and you can shape shift into any form you want. You can fly like a bird or move like a 4 legged creature. Its is the ultimate world for your imagination ever. Far richer experience than any virtual reality.

I believe that is the ONLY state in the sensory world that would give you that level of freedom. No other activity in my opinion comes even remotely close to the freedom of a lucid dream.

Conundrum with perspectives

Your perspective = lens through which you see the world

Totally different experiences are possible with the same object, with different perspectives:
For e.g.: The object may be 1.Great 2. Terrible 3. Unimportant from 3 different perspectives with all of them being equally true.

People’s Language Mime’s influence us to an extent when we are around them. It happens especially when you do not have your shield on, that compulsively keeps trying to prove that your personality is the best.

It becomes quite difficult to decide “What is the more important thing among 2 activities?” because you can have very different experiences depending the perspective you choose. That is maybe we try to move with people who have the same perspectives as us so that they see our achievements as important or are able to validate our life’s meaning.

Your childhood, culture, immediate society and people in your daily life can easily land lock you in patterns of beliefs/perspectives.Once you see through them, you realize there is no reason to just hold on to them for the rest of your life.

“I want to be FREE to choose whatever perspective I feel like at whatever time”. That is my true dynamic instead of being landlocked into a fixed personality for the rest of my life.

Difference between imagination, dreams and reality

I think the only thing stopping these things from being equally real is our beliefs. The dream is as real as reality. Whether you recreate an experience through intense visualization and concentration OR in real life, its almost the same but your beliefs will decide how much importance/significance you want to give the imagined one. The only thing real is consciousness itself on which all these states are projected and we are the consciousness, not the waking, sleeping, imagining or dreaming states. Everything is equally real and significant.