Emotions in children

Artistically its a masterpiece, with the Agrabah town and the night depicted in shades of dark blue and purple. The entire concept and concept art used is awesome.

I was watching a bit of Disney’s Aladdin movie after ages and seeing it from an adult’s perspective I realized some striking differences. All emotions were highly overt, too bright, fleeting and somewhat abrupt. It was like watching a 256 color picture on the emotional plane/shades of meaning scale vs the 16 million colors we usually find. The sublimity factors were absent. It does not carry the powerful shades and depth of romantic significance, longing. For example: When they kiss for the first time, I could not really feel any sexual energy. I can understand that since its meant for kids they purposely keep it that way but I never knew that even as an adult such scenes would not provoke strong sexual feel.

About telepathy

I always thought that telepathy is a way where you can hear the other person’s thoughts the same way you hear your own verbal dialogue. But then later I thought, why is the mental talk even necessary. If I just heard his mental talk, then it is as good as him speaking it out for me. That is not as consequential as the meaning itself. Can meaning itself be transmitted?

But then I started to wonder what is ‘meaning’ really? I consider my thoughts to be a verbal dialogue inside my head. But where does this verbal dialogue spout from.

There are lot of perplexing questions here:
When I hear my own mental talk inside my head, who is listening?
I think state of mind/mood determines what verbal dialogues is created inside my head. What does ‘mood/state of mind’ mean? The electrochemical balance in the brain?
What controls the electrochemical balance? The mind?
If the mind controls it then it would depend upon perception, beliefs, notions, impressions and ideas I have?
Thought also manipulates these right. Like autosuggestion. What is thought then?

It seems to be cyclical. But there is someone creating/watching and maintaining this cycle. How do I isolate this entity?

Even if I do isolate, how can another person’s meaning be transferred telepathically without me losing my own egoic point of view. Would I see it like a dream? But we cannot control dreams right, so how can I control this process? Is it possible to really see another person’s feelings without losing your egoic consciousness?

Ways to stop conscious thought

Here are some of the situations I would imagine can stop your thinking:

1. Very loud over powering music for more than 10mins would put you in a trance. Maybe this is the principle of clubs.
2. You hear someone speak about something that you really yearn to know. e.g.: Something deeply emotional
3. A moment of Awe or deep wonderment on an external object. e.g.: Seeing a pyramid for the first time(assuming you’ve never read about it or seen a picture of it)

1. Consuming drugs like ecstasy that amplify your senses high enough that your thinking cannot function anymore
2. Orgasm – All conscious thought is suspended at the climax moments

Society is a VIRTUAL reality

Each person inhabits a fundamentally different reality from the one your in. They have different definitions and imaginations about all the possible emotions and feelings you can think of. Yet for the purpose of simplification, our society tends to think, “everyone wants the same things and everyone is fairly similar”. This is an extremely reductionist approach and disregards the real complexity and beauty of the individual himself. An entire belief system is created by society and this conditioning is passed on to every human that is born within society at a very early age. This is simply a VIRTUAL REALITY. You are conditioned at a young age with practically everything ranging from what you want, don’t want, afraid of etc and its very easy to believe in them because they are validated by 99.5% of the people you meet. Its a conundrum very similar to the MATRIX. Its is so hard to even prove this intellectually to a person. It takes a substantial amount of reflection, thought, exploration and an intense desire to know the truth even to reach a level where you actually start asking existential questions and seek answers with intensity.

The essence of all religions

I believe the founders of all the religions such as Jesus, Buddha etc. would have perceived the real truth in an altered state of consciousness. But however, as these religions stand today, I guess they have severely distorted the messages from these people. Besides, its extremely difficult to explain these things in our languages.

Even I have a really tough time, explaining some complex existential concepts to people. It took me a lot of work over many years to really be comfortable with questioning certain beliefs even. I am misunderstood MOST of the time. I cant even imagine how difficult it would be for an enlightened person to pass on the knowledge.

Its best to trust your direct experiences the most.

People’s judgments..

I’ve noticed a peculiar funny thing in society, even among all of my friends. Their judgments of you are always based on societal expectations in one way or the other. For e.g.: As a person, you can tremendously evolve when you do activities like questioning your core beliefs, understanding your thought patterns through reflection or pursue forms of contemplation. You may come to the realization that most people are trapped in a large number of beliefs and they are far from even aware of this fact. But this evolution is simply disregarded in society. They simply judge you using their societal filter.

This filter is something like:

  • Are you really good (ideals defined from society) at some sport?
  • Are you very good at academics?
  • Do you have lots of money?
  • Have a large sphere of public influence?
  • Are you good looking as per standards defined by media?
  • Are your efforts towards improving your chances in some commercial endeavor?

Any activity that I pursue which is beyond this sphere is considered a pastime, irrelevant, insignificant and unimportant. So if I do not do those typically acceptable activities for a long time and spend more time with other things that interest me, then I’m judged as a person who is wasting his life away. I’ve noticed this even among my parents and close friends. Its astonishing.

I strongly believe, ‘society is not your friend’ (Terence Mckenna), all its activities are related to itself and not to help you evolve. Society doesn’t care whether you discover your true self or not. All it cares about is that, you fit its conventions and defined acceptable paths.

Problem solving: Where you perceive from vs how you perceive

Bird’s eye view vs Fork road view:
Motivational speakers and people generally keep saying what you perceive as a problem is related to the way you look at things. I’ve tried reorienting myself a few times but this change never really gets ingrained in me. Its usually just temporary and if you stop paying attention, you revert to your original behavior. For example: positive thinking techniques etc. You could create a strong pattern by repetition and habit but this would not stem from real understanding so in essence it is still vulnerable to thought manipulations by other people.

Nowadays, I started looking at solving this in a different way. I think “A real change in perception would be more from WHERE you perceive the problem from rather than how you perceive it“. Its like understanding truth at a higher level and comprehending how things fit into the larger picture help in literally eliminating some problems or drastically reduce their emotional effects.

There are some profound truths like: 

  • “All meaning is self created, in essence an illusion”
  • “The body is something that is within the field of awareness and we are the awareness itself. The awareness is everywhere, universal, shapeless and formless”

Just imagine the impact of actually understanding and internalizing these truths. Thousands of problems would simply disappear in the light of this new knowledge. But these truths may also destroy illusions which mean you may lose the positive highs too from false meaning. That is why its not something that’s really straightforward to change. I guess there are different levels of awareness and moving to the next layer can fundamentally change you perception in many ways. That is why its important to maintain fluidity with respect to your beliefs. The entire physical reality is perceived by our beliefs, which is essentially what we call reality.